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October 30, 2016 @ 9:10 am

Major Causes Of Heart Diseases One of the major organs of the body is the heart and is used to pump blood to all the parts of a human body. Heart diseases are diseases that attack the heart and make it impossible for it to function. They may be severe such that the heart ceases to function, leading to human death. Most diseases, referred to as coronary heart diseases occur when the arteries that supply blood become blocked walls preventing blood flow. The more the plaque becomes enlarged, blood flow becomes reduced. Heart disease have resulted in other heart problems of the heart attack. Heart attack happens when the plaque completely blocks the arteries preventing oxygen supply to the body. Consequently, the attack causes permanent damage to the muscles of the heart. In addition, the heart is associated with other diseases that include; stroke, high blood pressure, and rheumatic heart diseases. A number of heart diseases are caused by factors referred to as lifestyle causes. Lifestyle is our way of living. Lifestyle causes can be prevented. Smoking leads to the cause of heart diseases. In most of the countries, it is the first rated factor of preventable deaths. Research has shown that smokers are six times more susceptible to heart attack than nonsmokers. Through smoking, stroke becomes prevalent, and lung cancer increasingly becomes a risk to the human body. Smoking causes bronchitis and emphysema, conditions caused by the blockage of the lungs. Secondary smokers are also susceptible to lung and circulatory problems.
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High blood pressure ranks as one of the principal causes of heart diseases. It is also known as one of the leading causes of stroke. Major causes of high blood pressure are family history, excessive body weight and the food we eat. Hypertension does not show any symptoms thus referred to as a silent killer. Blood pressure is the excessive force applied to the walls of the arteries. High blood pressure causes the heart to malfunction due to the damage of the arteries.
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High cholesterol in the blood plays a vital role in the diseases of the heart. Cholesterol is a primary requirement for the overall functioning of human body. The body makes the needed cholesterol, and the excess builds in the walls of the arteries. The arteries become narrower making insufficient blood circulation. Blood supply becomes cut off leading to heart attack. Overweight and obesity have become major factors in the cause of heart diseases. The body should lose as much calories as it absorbs. Fats accumulate in the body causing obesity and overweight and in turn make arteries malfunction. Failure to have regular exercises has also contributed to contracting heart diseases. Physical activities help in breaking down calories and cholesterol in the body. Failure to exercise makes the fats build up in the arteries preventing blood flow. Taking necessary measures can prevent most of these diseases that attack the heart.